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Take control of how your team moves. Commutes, meetings, airport transfers, courtesy rides.
Manage everything from one place.

What is ABCrete

Business for?

Business trips

The commute to work, meetings, airport transfers — you decide what your team uses Bolt Business for, we’ll handle the rest. Available in whole Crete.

Night Commuting

If your team works a night shift or needs to stay late at the office, you can help them get home after dark fast and safe. This way, they can confidently work for as long as they need.

Courtesy Rides

Order a car for your customers, partners, or job candidates to boost your reputation. Quick and easy to arrange, pay for and report using the centralized ABCrete Business platform..

Embrace our culture.

We pride ourselves in paying our translators fairly and providing a working environment that is collaborative, fun, and open to everyone:
a culture that inspires talents to do great things for you.

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